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Automation Wizards
Automation Wizards

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The world is changing fast. New tools and applications are being developed at an ever increasing rate. APIs can be used to connect data sources or applications and these days there are APIs for just about anything. Let us help you automate your business and free up time so you can focus on what you do best.


What can AW do for you?

  • Data visualisation with Tableau & PowerBI
  • Build Dashboards with your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Data processing & cleansing
  • Quickly parse PDF's, Excel files, Google Sheets and E-mails
  • Connect to APIs for data retrieval
  • Write code/applications in: Python, R, PHP, HTML & CSS
  • Work with databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite & MySQL

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Busines Intelligence Dashboard


Automation Wizards can help you with the following:


Automate tedious and repetitive tasks. Make your business processes faster and less error-prone. Get some extra robot hands to help you out!

Data Cleansing

Clean up your datasets so you can really get some value out of them. We'd be happy to enrich the data while we're at it.

Business Intelligence

Get intelligence on your prospects and clients by scraping the web.
Visualise data for fast analysis using dashboards built with Tableau or PowerBI.

Python Training

Use your real world business problems to learn how to code. Practical, hands-on and useful. Happy coding!


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